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Gossypium hirsutum
ZF-HD Family
Species TF ID Description
Gh_A01G0938ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A02G1249ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A02G1589ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A03G0876ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A05G1654ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A05G1894ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A05G3240ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A06G1895ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A07G1877ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A09G0154ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A09G1569ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A10G1400ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A11G0283ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A11G0406ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A11G1692ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A11G1861ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A11G2219ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A12G0404ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A12G0405ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A12G0774ZF-HD family protein
Gh_A13G0659ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D01G0982ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D02G1259ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D03G0134ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D03G0388ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D04G0444ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D05G1843ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D05G2128ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D06G0275ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D07G2091ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D09G0146ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D09G0147ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D09G1640ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D10G0799ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D11G0338ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D11G0469ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D11G1851ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D11G2127ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D11G2528ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D12G0397ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D12G0398ZF-HD family protein
Gh_D12G0775ZF-HD family protein
Gh_Sca043655G01ZF-HD family protein
Gh_Sca068050G01ZF-HD family protein
Gh_Sca069306G01ZF-HD family protein
ZF-HD Family Introduction

This group of sequences described by a 54-residue domain found in the N-terminal region of plant proteins, the vast majority of which contain a ZF-HD class homeobox domain toward the C terminus. The region between the two domains typically is rich in low complexity sequence. The companion ZF-HD homeobox domain is described in INTERPRO:IPR006455.

A one-hybrid screen resulted in the cloning of four different members of a novel class of plant homeodomain proteins, which are most likely involved in the mesophyll-specific expression of the C4 PEPCase gene in C4 species of the genus Flaveria. Inspection of the homeodomains of the four proteins reveals that they share many common features with homeodomains described so far, but there are also significant differences. Interestingly, this class of homeodomain proteins occurs also in Arabidopsis thaliana and other C3 plants. One-hybrid experiments as well as in vitro DNA binding studies confirmed that these novel homeodomain proteins specifically interact with the proximal region of the C4 PEPCase (C4 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase) gene. The N-terminal domains of the homeodomain proteins contain highly conserved sequence motifs. Two-hybrid experiments show that these motifs are sufficient to confer homo- or heterodimer formation between the proteins. Mutagenesis of conserved cysteine residues within the dimerization domain indicates that these residues are essential for dimer formation. Therefore, we designate this novel class of homeobox proteins ZF-HD, for zinc finger homeodomain protein. Our data suggest that the ZF-HD class of homeodomain proteins may be involved in the establishment of the characteristic expression pattern of the C4 PEPCase gene.

Windhovel A, Hein I, Dabrowa R, Stockhaus J.
Characterization of a novel class of plant homeodomain proteins that bind to the C4 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase gene of Flaveria trinervia.
Plant Mol Biol. 2001 Jan;45(2):201-14.
PMID: 11289511